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Product Information

Glutamax is a potent blend of glutathione as well as vitamin c that can provide promising results for the skin’s whitening process and also for reducing signs of aging. This formulation helps reduce premature skin aging as well as skin whitening effects. This product is appropriate for women and men.

The two primary ingredients of Glutamax comprise are glutathione and vitamin C offer numerous benefits to improve the overall general health and well-being of our body. The benefits of these ingredients aren’t limited to the skin, but can have an impact on the various organ systems and functions.

More Information About glutathione

Glutamin, one of the three amino acids Glycine, and Cystine constitute a large component of the powerful antioxidant L-glutathione. Diabetes, cancer as well as rheumatoid arthritis have all reduced because of fighting the effects of oxygen-induced stress. It enhances general health. The benefits of glutathione to skin health are well-known.

More About Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is the other term used to describe vitamin C.. Many anti-oxidative properties are present with Vitamin C. It is believed to protect skin cells from harmful free radicals caused from UV radiation. In addition, it blocks melanin in the skin from being made which can reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation and even the skin tone, and help delay the signs of aging.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Capacity 1 capsule
Servings Per Container 30 capsules
Each Capsule contains
L- Glutathione (BP) 500 mg
Vitamin C (BP) 75 mg

Major Benefits of Glutamax Capsules

  • Reduce Premature Aging.
  • Use as an Skin Whitening agent.
  • Decrease Oxidative Stress.
  • Improves Overall Health.
  • Rejuvenate Skin


  • Consume one capsule daily best taken after a meal or as your physician recommends. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose.
  • It is meant for adults only.
  • The effects will be evident within 2 to 3 months treatment

Please Note

  • This product is intended as nutritional supplements solely and not for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any illness.
  • If you’re experiencing any illness , you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist prior to taking medication.
  • Women who are pregnant and lactating mothers should be cautious when using it.

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