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Ginnastic Health Center Islamabad beleives that every individual is different and have unique dietary needs. We work one-one with each of our clients to deliver tailored solutions to their health issues after comprehensive medical examintaion.

Ginnastic Health Center

Ginnastic Health Center


Ginnastic Fitnes & Gym

Ginnastic Fitnes & Gym


Revolutionary Treatments Tailored to Your Health Needs

At Ginnastic Health Center Islamabad, we prioritize your well-being needs. Our range of treatments, from managing diabetes to addressing hormonal imbalances, are designed with precision and care. Trust in our expertise to guide you towards a healthier tomorrow.

Experience the Best: Premium Imported Supplements Now in Pakistan

Elevate your fitness journey with our range of top-tier imported supplements. Sourced from globally renowned brands, we bring Pakistan the gold standard in nutritional support. Trust in purity, potency, and performance.

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Step into Excellence at the Ginnastic Arena

Discover a space where cutting-edge facilities meet expert guidance. At the Ginnastic Arena, we empower you to unlock your fullest potential, ensuring every workout pushes boundaries and breaks limits. Join us and redefine what you thought possible.


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Dr. Waseem Ullah Shaheen Revolutionizing Fitness Sector

More than a game-changers, Dr. Waseem Ullah Shaheen is a man who’s not just thinking outside the box; he’s reshaping it. Nestled in Islamabad is his brainchild, the Ginnastic Health Center, a place where medical expertise isn’t just paired with physical fitness—it’s intertwined. It’s like the Apple Store of health centers, redefining what we should expect. In a world obsessed with quick fixes and magic pills, Dr. Waseem is bringing it back to basics. He’s reminding us that sometimes, nature knows best. Whether it’s diabetes or cholesterol, he’s championing the idea that our bodies, given the right tools, can sometimes be their own best healer.

In a nutshell? Dr. Waseem Ullah Shaheen is not just a doctor; he’s a movement. And in this ever-evolving dance of health and wellness, he’s leading the charge.